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To place products across the country ensuring Affordability, Availability, Visibility and Accessibility within arm's reach of the consumer.


To be the leading Sales, Supply Chain and Distribution company in Africa


Think and plan long term Always be fair to all concerned Respect the laws of the land Ensure a healthy and profitable business Practice caring capitalism

The Chanrai Summit group trades and operates in various names across the sphere of its business interests. Its flagship company being Fareast Mercantile Company has operating subsidiaries such as New Homes Products Industries Limited, Marblelite Nigeria Ltd., and Elixir Global Manufacturing Food Limited among others.

These subsidiaries cater to its manufacturing and production capabilities in the food and FMCG categories and appliances (Scanfrost, Ignis and Frigidaire) division. Since the establishment of Fareast in Nigeria in 1890 with trading at the centre of all commercial activity, the groups’ story in Africa begins.

From there, we had an amazing journey, when we understood the pulse of global markets and the changing market needs, in-depth. Keeping pace with the evolving needs of African consumers, we strived harder for making the right products available at the right time in the most advanced manner.

Our endeavours to serve Africa better made us to thrive in transforming Fareast Mercantile Co. Limited (FMCL) as a multi-faceted company distributing products that touch the lives of African consumers every day. We have dedicated our resources to supply chain management through the import/manufacture and distribution of products covering branded Food, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and Appliances products for the best multi-nationals in the world. A product portfolio spanning 1500 SKUs is managed with a capable professional team, robust infrastructure and strong delivery systems to ensure availability of products covering 93% of the throughput of the country of operation.

In the appliances category, our diversification into assembly of air conditioners in Jun-2003 was our first step towards backward integration with a view to import substitution, instill a performance management culture and creation of employment, bearing in mind the Government’s plan to put Nigeria and the continent on the road to industrialization, and looking at the future with determination, intuition and entrepreneurial instinct. We have since grown this manufacturing division into Food and Consumer products while expanding the various appliance categories we play in, the latest being the LED TV space. Across the continent, the group employs over 2000 employees and is directly responsible for the indirect employment of over 10,000 personnel. As a socially responsible group, we have partnered with various NGOs such as the Tulsi Chanrai Foundation to support their social welfare initiatives.

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